A Life in Six Chapters

Will you stand on your feet in the face of tyranny?
Will you set aside your hatred when morning comes?

Havana Divas

Two stage sisters living in an era of revolution.
Four opera trips crossing the ocean of time.

Xiao Hong: Writing 10000 Miles

Golden Gate Girls

Golden Gate Girls is not just a biographical portrait of Esther Eng;
it is also a tribute to pioneer women filmmakers working on both
sides of the Pacific, and the courage with which they crossed
boundaries of language, culture, race and gender.


Wang Shiwei was a very special figure in the history of
Chinese modern literature. He is known to most as
the first victim of Chinese Communist Party’s literary
persecution, who was killed “by mistake” in 1947
while CCP troops were retreating from Yenan.

Storm under the Sun

Storm Under the Sun is a documentary about one of the
"political storms" by Mao Zedong that fell upon the intellectuals of China
in the 50's is currently in post-production.

A Piece of Heaven: Primary Documents

The godfather of New Chinese Documentary, Situ Zhaodun, was imprisoned for five years in his twenties for offending Madame Mao.
Situ’s father had a long-standing friendship with Dutch documentary filmmaker, Joris Ivens,
while his brother sculpted China’s national fathers from Sun Yat-sen to Mao Zedong.
This film reflects on how this icon of documentary film in China documents his own life.