The international film production mode often requires the circulation of film scripts during the preproduction and production periods. Thus, a good translation of your film script is crucial. We are possibly the best Chinese-English and English-Chinese translators you can get in Asia. We also provide services in translations among Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese. We do not simply claim ourselves to be the best, an evidence for our excellence can be seen from the list of some of our projects in the past two years:

Our customers come back to us for the following reasons:

  • Main translators of our team hold doctorate degrees in film and literature and well versed in film terminologies appeared in scripts;
  • We all have a good knowledge of world history and literature, which help us to in our translation;
  • We are very familiar with the format of scripts and subtitles in standard Hollywood style and in other languages;
  • We all love film and story and take every job mainly for this reason;
  • We offer a free estimate of charge and apply the same affordable rate to both big-budget productions and independent productions.
    And we freeze the rate for customers from the first job and offer a discount to new customers;
  • We never fail to deliver the job within the agreed time frame;
  • We provide follow-up services until the script reaches its final revision.