WangShiWei: The Buried Writer

Wang Shiwei was a very special figure in the history of Chinese modern literature. He is known to most as the first victim of Chinese Communist Party’s literary persecution, who was killed “by mistake” in 1947 while CCP troops were retreating from Yenan. Mao Zedong was enraged by this “mistake” and in later years kept bringing up Wang Shiwei’s essay titled “Wild Lily” as speaking from the wrong standpoint. In the essay, Wang criticized the inequality and prerogative in the Communist Yenan that China still faces today. The documentary combines a historical search with sentiments and details we can relate. It incorporates oral history from those who lived through Wang Shiwei’s times, citations from writings by himself and his contemporaries, and the writer-director’s own reflections with rarely seen newsreels, poignant animations, and stunning visuals. Those being interviewed include Wang Shiwei’s son Wang Xufeng, his former student Bo Ping, his Yenan colleagues Zeng Yanxiu and He Fang, and those who studied his case—famous journalist Dai Qing, Chinese historian Gao Hua, CCP specialist Song Jinshou and Trotskyist expert Gregor Benton.

Writer/Director: S. Louisa Wei
Co-writer/Assistant Director: Joyce Y. Huang
Executive Producer: Lo Chi Wa
Production Coordinator: Renee Leung
Original Music: Robert Jay Ellis-Geiger
Sound Effect/ Mixing/ Editing: Charles C.W Chan
Editing: Alice L. Wu

Running Time: 52 Mins
Language: English and Chinese
Subtitle: English and Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Production: RTHK 2016

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  • Hong Kong Film Archive, Hong Kong, December 23, 2016