Producer: Xiao Dazhong, Wilfried B. Lu
Writer/Director/editor: S. Louisa Wei
Assistant Director/Assistant Editor: Anna W. Li
Art Direction: Lu Xinyang
Animation: Wei-fan Chang
Composer: Robert Ellis-Geiger
Recordist/Sound Effect: Mary Y. Chen
Production Manager: Wifried B. Lu
Consultant: Xiao Yan, Xiao Yu, Xiao Yun, Yuan Quan

Running Time: 140 minutes
Screening Formats: BetaSP, DVD

World Distribution: Eagle Wind Vision Ltd.
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I am attracted to those who cross boundaries. Caridad and Georgina crossed the boundary of culture and race as young girls and crossed oceans to see the origin of their art in their old age. In order to really understand why I was attracted to them at first sight in 2011, I spent the next six years to explore the historical time and space that they came across.

by S. Louisa Wei

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