Storm under the Sun 紅日風暴 – Educational Package

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Storm under the Sun Education Package: Unlimited Institutional Screening License; English Version DVD, Chinese Version DVD, Bilingual Book +Presskit
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Storm under the Sun

“A Poet’s Truth, A God’s Power. History Remembers.”
Storm Under the Sun is a documentary about one of the “political storms” by Mao Zedong that fell upon the intellectuals of China in the 50’s is currently in post-production. Centered around the Hu Feng Case, the documentary traces the synergy that generated such an event, Mao’s personal involventvement in every step, and various victims’ reaction to and realizations following the humiliation and accusations.

Producer: S. Louisa Wei, Peng Xiaolian
Writer/Director: Peng Xiaolian, S. Louisa Wei
Editor: S. Louisa Wei, Dong Ran
Camera: S. Louisa Wei, Peng Xiaolian
Dong Ran, Jong Lin, Situ Zhixia
Art Direction: Max Willis
Animation: Max Willis, Zhang Shuyi, Karen McCann,
Chen Lei, Siu-tan Fong
Composer: Robert Ellis-Geiger
Sound Design: Charles C. W. Chan
Package Design: Chen Lei
Production Manager: Wifried B. Lu
Editing Consultant: Robert C. Jones, Patrick Tam
Jimmy Choi, Situ Zhaodun
Running Time: 137 minutes

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