Blue Queen Cultural Communication Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company that has produced feature and short documentaries in addition to offering services in film translation. It was founded in September 2003 by some veteran Chinese filmmakers from Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei. Its credits includes feature documentary Storm under the Sun by Xiaolian Peng and S. Louisa Wei, the first independent documentary to look at Mao’s purge of intellectuals surrounding the Anti-Hu Feng Campaign in 1955, an event that affected thousands and led to the much larger Anti-Rightist Movement in 1957. This documentary was shown in the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam in 2007 and in the 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2009. It is housed in three museums, two film archives and over 60 university libraries worldwide. It has received positive reviews in over a dozen magazines in five different languages. A more recent production by Blue Queen is Golden Gate Girls (a.k.a. Golden Gate, Silver Light), a feature documentary concerning the life and times of San Francisco born Hong Kong director Esther Eng (1914-70). Golden Gate Girls, sponsored by Hong Kong Art Development Council, premiered at the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival and immediately received press coverage and review from South China Morning Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Voice of America, Film Business Asia, and Mingpao Daily News. It was selected as the closing film for the 2013 Women Make Wave Film Festival in Taiwan and will premiere in the US at the 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival. The company aims to produce more feature documentaries that deal with humanistic concerns and celebrate avant-garde historical figures and artists.